Harvesting Rosemary

In my garden, right next to the cottage I have a large rosemary bush. Every year I harvest that rosemary to dry it and preserve it for later use and give some of it to my friends. I learned some basic things about when and how to do harvest rosemary without killing the plant, and what to avoid in

Harvesting Oranges

In my mum’s garden, we have a couple of orange trees that are more than 20 years old. Every year we harvest them and usually, my mum makes great homemade orange marmalade (jam). I learned some important things about when and how to do harvest oranges to avoid mistakes. If you have an orange tree or

Harvesting Almond Trees

I have only eight almond trees that I planted a few years ago. At present they are four years old trees that don’t produce yet a lot of almonds nuts to harvest. That’s why I pick them manually. In the last few years since I have them, I learned some important things about when and

How to Save Basil Seeds

In this tutorial, I will show you how to harvest basil seeds from plants and how to save seeds to be ready for seeding in the next seeding season. Step by step guide Step 1 – Cut basil flowers, the top bits of the basil plant, (as in the above photo), place it on the