Harvesting Almond Trees

I have only eight almond trees that I planted a few years ago. At present they are four years old trees that don’t produce yet a lot of almonds nuts to harvest. That’s why I pick them manually. In the last few years since I have them, I learned some important things about when and

How to Plant an Almond Tree

How to plant an almond tree is a question that I struggled with just a few years ago. Before I inherited this piece of land I never planted any trees. However, I made some research, and by doing it several times since I am now confident that the best way to plant the almond tree is as I described

Almond Trees

My almond trees: This year I planted 7 almond trees on the land that I inherited. This piece of land was not cultivated for about 70 years. It took me just a couple of weeks to clear this part of the land and prepare it to be ready for planting. Below photo: Young almond trees