My rosemary mini garden

My rosemary mini garden: Last year I planted 10 rosemary plants that I grew from cuttings along the side of my cottage. They are now already fully grown plants with lovely purple flowers.

As this herb is a native to the Mediterranean region it took them only one year to become fully grown plants.

The bush is very fragrant and is great to have it near the cottage as my handy kitchen herb garden. I use rosemary as a herb for meat or fish grill/BBQ as well as for roasted chicken dishes.

This is how they looked year ago:

rosemary grown from cuttings

Tiny baby plants are grown from cuttings.

Update – this is how my rosemary bush looks like now:

this is how my rosemary bush looks like now

Unlike lavender or immortelle, rosemary is a shrub that grows slowly. As with other ornamental plants, rosemary should also be pruned before frost. By pruning, we encourage the growth of young shoots, maintain the appearance of the plant and thus promote plant growth.

How much of the plant to prune depends on what you would like to achieve in the garden – it can be planted in small groups and then kept low (as mine above). If you are going to keep it low, you need to cut two-thirds of the green mass. If you are going to keep it as a low fence then you need to cut one-half of the green mass, and if we want to have it in a high fence it is enough to cut just one-third of the green mass.

Rosemary loves water but also drains the soil.