Freshly cut lavender flowers
Freshly cut lavender flowers
Small lavender field in the spring
Small lavender field in the spring
Lavender bushes in full bloom
Lavender bushes in full bloom
Lavender flowers, harvested and ready to dry
Lavender flowers, harvested and ready to dry

These are the photos of my lavender. I grow it in the field where I have about 30 plants. I grew all my lavender from cuttings. Every summer I harvest it and get a lot of flowers which I usually dry and keep as dry bunches or as dry buds.

Tips on How to Grow Lavender

Below are some articles I wrote about what I learned on how to manage lavender plants and some tips on how to grow lavender – have a look:

  • Homemade Rooting Hormone

    If you are wondering how to make inexpensive, homemade, and easy to apply rooting solutions, as effective as a rooting hormone, here is an article with photos that will show you how to prepare a homemade plant root stimulator for your cuttings. With this rooting liquid, your cuttings will develop their roots faster, healthier, and
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  • How to Prune Lavender

    Pruning lavender plants and bushes are essential at least once a year to make sure the plant is healthy and it lives longer. If you don’t prune lavender regularly, the plants will get woody and will produce fewer flowers. In this article, I will show you when and how to prune a lavender, how often
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  • How to Dry Lavender

    I have about 30 mature lavender plants in my garden which I grew from cuttings, and every year I harvest and dry its flowers, buds, and stems. At the same time, I also prune my lavender. As I live in a climate with long, dry summers and mild winters, my lavender is ready for harvest
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  • How To Use Dried Lavender

    Are you wondering what to do with dry lavender stems, flowers, and buds? A couple of years ago, I planted about 30 lavender plants which I grew from cuttings. And now, every year I harvest a lot of lavender which I learn how to dry, prune, and store for a variety of use. I keep
    Read more > How To Use Dried Lavender
  • How to Store Dried Lavender

    Storing Dried Lavender the right way Once you prune, harvest and dry your lavender, the next thing to do is to store it properly until you are ready to use it. Depending on how much of the lavender you have, you can choose several options to store. The best option is to choose an air-tight
    Read more > How to Store Dried Lavender
  • How To Propagate Lavender From Cuttings

    Lavender propagation from cuttings is a cheap and easy way of obtaining new plants. Instead of buying the new plant, just take cuttings from the old one (at the same time when pruning your plants) and transplant it in your garden. In this article, I am explaining how to root your lavender cuttings in a straightforward
    Read more > How To Propagate Lavender From Cuttings

Video Playlist about growing and using Lavender

Here is a playlist of my lavender growing videos: