Storing Almonds

Once your almond nuts are harvested, hulled, and properly dried, it is time now to find the best storage option to keep almonds fresh and safe to consume. You can choose to store either shelled or unshelled almonds. That means that you will now need to decide should you remove the shells or should you

Harvesting Almond Trees

I have only eight almond trees that I planted a few years ago. At present they are four years old trees that don’t produce yet a lot of almonds nuts to harvest. That’s why I pick them manually. In the last few years since I have them, I learned some important things about when and

How to Plant an Almond Tree

How to plant an almond tree is a question that I struggled with just a few years ago. Before I inherited this piece of land I never planted any trees. However, I made some research, and by doing it several times since I am now confident that the best way to plant the almond tree is as I described

Almond Trees

My almond trees: This year I planted 7 almond trees on the land that I inherited. This piece of land was not cultivated for about 70 years. It took me just a couple of weeks to clear this part of the land and prepare it to be ready for planting. Below photo: Young almond trees