How to Make a Dried Figs Garland

Turn dried figs into a gorgeous DIY garland that is decorative and easy to make. Here is how to do it at home – Easy! Photos & video I keep all my dried figs stored in the cotton bag. However, if I want to display them in an attractive and decorative way, I just turn

How to Store Dried Figs

Are you wondering how and where to store dried figs at home, for freshness? In this article, I will show you how to store them the right and safe way to ensure your dried figs last a long time. Depending on how much of the figs you dehydrated, you can choose a few options to store. From my experience,

How to Dry Figs

Sun dried figs I have several large fig trees that every year produces a lot of fresh fruits. I also have some baby ones, including three-year-old fig trees, that just started to fruit this summer. As I am living in a fairly dry and warm climate, every summer I select some of the fruits to dry them in the sun at

How to Dry Sage

Drying wild sage leaves and flowers and foraging them in the fields is something which I regularly do in the springs. I collect as much as I can leaves and flowers of this lovely and aromatic herb and later on when dried, I use the dry flowers and leaves for cooking and making tea. Here

How to Dry Apricots in the Sun

I have a pretty large apricot tree in my mum’s garden that every year produces a lot of fresh fruits.  As I am living in a fairly dry and warm climate, last year I decided to try to select some of the fruits to dry them in the sun at home on my terrace.  My guess