How to Store Dried Sage

Once your sage is harvested and dried, the next thing to do is to store it the right way until you are ready to use it. Depending on how much of the sage you dried, you can choose several options to store. From my experience, the best option is to choose an air-tight container that

How to Dry Sage

Drying wild sage leaves and flowers and foraging them in the fields is something which I regularly do in the springs. I collect as much as I can leaves and flowers of this lovely and aromatic herb and later on when dried, I use the dry flowers and leaves for cooking and making tea. Here


As this piece of land was completely wild when I inherited it, there were numerous wild sage plants dotted around the area. I decided to keep most of them while some of the plans I replanted in the spaces that are more suitable. In the hilly, dry and rocky areas in the Mediterranean, where I am